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Advanced TF-CBT Training Series: 2019-2020

Please complete this registration form if you would like to attend any of the Advanced TF-CBT Trainings below:
9/27/19: Advanced TF-CBT: TF-CBT with Ongoing Trauma AND TF-CBT with Complex Trauma
1/31/20: Understanding and Collaborating with the Child Welfare System: What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know
4/24/19: Advanced TF-CBT: TF-CBT with Children in Foster Care AND TF-CBT with Children with Problem Sexual Behaviors- This training has been rescheduled from 12/13/19 to 4/24/19

Participants must have completed at least a two-day TF-CBT Training by an Approved TF-CBT Trainer and either have complete the TF-CBT Calls or participating in the TF-CBT calls currently.

Payment information is included below.

For questions, please email Carolyn, the Administrative Assistant, at mcdowell@heatherriskandassociates.com

For a copy of the announcement flyer click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vJRh66T_wDncilWjaojn1rA05OxUxBSw/view?usp=sharing

Click here for the course descriptions: (link will be available soon)

No refunds for cancelations within 30 days of the training.

Payment options

After submitting this registration form, you have two options for payment. You can pay online at www.heatherriskandassociates.com and click "Registration". Or you can mail a check to Heather Risk & Associates, 230 North Limestone, Suite 100, Lexington Kentucky 40509. Please make sure your name is included in either the online payment info or on the check memo section. Payment must be received by the due date.

TF-CBT Training Information

These trainings are open to therapists who have completed the two-day TF-CBT Training with an Approved National TF-CBT Trainer. TF-CBT Calls can be complete or in progress. The final training on 1/31/20 will be open to any licensed mental health professional, but will be tailored to TF-CBT Therapists.