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Individual Consultation Registration

At Heather Risk, PsyD & Associates, we have a team of experts available for consultation regarding a variety of topics. If you would like to register for an hour of individual consultation with one of our Associates, please complete the following form. The more detail provided here will help not only match you with the Associate best able to help you, but will help us to cover as much useful information as possible during your hour consult rather than having to gather additional background information. An hour of consultation is $125. To pay, return to http://www.heatherriskandassociates.com/registration.html after submitting your registration form.

Please match me with the Associate who would be the best fit to address the concerns reported below
Please match me with the Associate who is available first
No preference
Heather Risk, PsyD (expertise in TF-CBT, assessment and treatment of trauma in all ages, working with the foster care system)
Aimee Mau, MSW, LCSW (expertise in the assessment and treatment of trauma, assessing parenting risk/child welfare evaluations, child welfare, TF-CBT)
Brian Gustman, PhD (expertise in school based therapy, TF-CBT in the schools, school psychology)
Elizabeth Riley, PhD (expertise in assessment and treatment of trauma with adults, evidenced based services with adults)

Please provide as much information as possible regarding the case or topic on which you would like to receive consultation. The more detailed the more helpful we can be. Please do not provide any identifying information regarding the client (such as name, etc).

For consultation regarding a case:

Payment Options

After submitting this registration, you have two options for payment.You can pay online at www.heatherriskandassociates.com and click "Registration". Or you can mail a check to Heather Risk & Associates, 230 North Limestone, Suite 100 Lexington, Kentucky 40507. Please make sure your name is included with your payment. Payment must be received by the due date.